Travel and Accommodation

We kindly note that all participants are responsible for booking their own travel and accommodation. Unfortunately, we have no further institutional funding.  We can only provide local transportation in Ramallah and meals during the conference and workshop days. However, there are national and international funding institutions that provide grants for accommodation and international flights.

All events are open to the public. If you have not received a letter of invitation yet, please register by writing a short message to (before Nov. 15, 2015).

Travel Advice

Due to the difficult and unpredictable border and checkpoint situation, we strongly recommend to arrive one day ahead of schedule on Dec 5, 2015. There are two possible routes to travel to Ramallah. We recommend the first route.

  • Route 1: Through Tel Aviv airport (Israel) and then via taxi or mini bus to Jerusalem. From East Jerusalem, Damascus Gate, buses regularly serve Ramallah. We will help organizing this part of the trip (Tel Aviv airport – East Jerusalem – Ramallah). If you choose this option, please keep in mind that ethnic and political profiling is an extended practice at the immigration desk of Tel Aviv airport. You will receive a small piece of paper at border control with your picture and a small code that gets you through a turnstile in the airport. This is not just a turnstile pass; it’s the visa. Soldiers may ask for it at checkpoints to check entry date and confirm nationality. Please hold onto this piece of paper. Until further notice we recommend this route since international flights are normally cheaper to Tel Aviv than to Amman.
  • Route 2: Through Amman airport (Jordan) and then with bus or taxi to the Allenby/King Hussein Bridge. At the Israeli checkpoint on the bridge extented inspection and interrogation should be expected. From the bridge there is a regular bus and taxi service to Ramallah. This route should not be chosen if traveling alone. If you (have to) choose this more expensive route, we recommend to arrive one day ahead of schedule (Dec 5, 2015) and allow for enough time to cross the bridge.

Unless further notice, our general travel advice a follows the guidelines and announcements of the seventh International Conference of Critical Geography (ICCG 2015) which was held in Ramallah earlier this year (please ignore the dates, they relate to the ICCG 2015 event):


Area D Hostel (8 % discount if booked directly through them)
Address:   alNahda St., Ramallah Centre (Maliki Building, Top Floor)
Tel/Mob.  (+970-5)69349042

No Breakfast  |  Free Wifi  |  accessible for special needs

We also recommend the list of hostels, pensions and hotels, compiled by the seventh International Conference of Critical Geography:
Please scroll down to “Hostels / Pensions …,” please note that the discounts for the ICCG do not apply.